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Artists and Bands

SWITZERLAND PRODUCTIONS introduces an exclusive offer of bands and artists. The events, the music productions and the engaged management shall optimize the realationship between the artists/bands and the music business. The tight personal collaboration of SWITZERLAND PRODUCTIONS with the artists/bands only allows a small artist roster. This advantage stands for direct communication, efficiency and satisfaction for all parties: artists, event organizers, promoters, partners and other clients.
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B-Pocket is a Band playing exclusively grooving jazz arrangements. The musicians know how to create a special highlight in every song in order to make every concert something very unique.
Roland Köppel (Hammond B3), Dave Feusi (Sax) und Andreas Schnyder (Drums) work together since years. That’s why their interplay is very casual but on the other hand very sensitive and complex. This musical situation is highly appreciated by the audience and promoters.

ContempArabic Ensemble

Stephan Athanas has now been leading the ContempArabic Ensemble for 25 years, mixing music from the Arab world and jazz elements into a novel amalgam. Numerous concerts at home and abroad have made the ensemble a conspiratorial community, so that after 25 years they present an anniversary program in new freshness.
Musicians from Tunisia, France and Switzerland accompany Athanas on this journey through cultures and times. With his compositions and arrangements, Athanas sets the itinerary for the ensemble.
ContempArabic Ensemble
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Groovin’ J 5

Finally there is a Jazz Band choosing exclusively groovin’ tunes from the fifties and sixties. Musicians like Cannonball Adderley, Lee Morgan or Joe Henderson are very well respected people in this band. Their compositions are played with lots of joy and passion what creates a relaxed Blue Note kind of mood.
The five musicians support eachother musically as a team as well as every one of them convinces the audience as an excellent soloist. Especially in the few slow tunes you can hear the colourful interpretation, what makes you want to close your eyes and fly with the music.

Martin Lechner

The new voice of Soul Jazz – romance faces the spirit of the times.

Martin Lechner presents with his characterful voice mostly songs in the style of the 50’s with current reference and gives the songs an authentic originality.

The affinity to the jazz of this era is kept very high and combined with elements of modernity, so that something new arises from tradition. In addition to their own songs, these are pieces by Amy Winehouse, Prince, Michael Jackson, etc., which are equally convincing as the solo interludes of the individual musicians.
Martin Lechner
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Soul Department
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Soul Department

This Band juggles with Rock- und Pop cliches, stripes Swing, takes a brake at the Soul station and pays homage to Funk music.

Soul Department shows, that in opposite to an organ focussed version of a traditional organ trio there is a possibilty of a band version with musicians of equal rights.

Swiss Movement - Next Generation

A legendary live performance of Eddie Harris, Les McCann, Benny Bailey, Leroy Vinegar und Donald Dean in 1969 became famous as the „Swiss Movement“ , and was soon recognized as a milestone in Jazz history. The lack of rehearsal and the resulting improvisational approach of the musicians turned out to be the magic of the concert.

Inspired by this unique event at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Dave Feusi produced his first album under his own name in March 2010. He brought 17 well-known musicians from the USA and Switzerland to New York City and recorded a batch of compositions, specifically written for this purpose, in the same spirit and similar concert surroundings.
Since the spontaneous open-ended nature is a core feature of this project and Feusi commands an impressive global network of great musicians, potential change of personnel from concert to concert isn’t avoided but welcome. By evoking every players improvisational skills to the highest degree, these conditions create that thrilling state of heightened awareness in both musicians and audiences, in order to create an exceptional moment of musical enthusiasm.
swiss-movement - next generation
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swiss-movement - next generation
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swiss-movement - next generation
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The Groove Gang

Whether playing soul jazz or funk hits in this band, each musician’s deep devotion to groove music is more than evident and extremely infectious.
A cross section of repertoire from the 40 year history of instrumental funk reveal the evolution from jazz and rhythm & blues. In particular, saxophonists like Eddie Harris, Grover Washington Jr, David Sanborn and Maceo Parker are extensively quoted and celebrated.
The Groove Gang
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CDs and vinyl can be ordered in the store.

Groovin' J 5

Groovin’ J 5
Art-Nr: SP 2024-1

Martin Lechner

Another Step
Art-Nr.: SP 2024-2


The J Machine
Art-Nr: SP 2024-3

ContempArabic Ensemble

Tabarka Blues
Art-Nr: SP 2022-1


Art-Nr: SP 2022-2

Soul Department

Art-Nr: SP 2021-1

The Clients

Art-Nr: SP 2020-1

Martin Lechner

Somethin’ Old & Somethin’ New
Somethin’ Else!

Art-Nr.: SP 2015-2

Dave Feusi & Friends

Swiss Movement – Next Generation
Art-Nr.: SP 2012-1

The Clients

Down To The Ground
Bootleg / vergriffen

Roof Top Connection

I thought you’d come around

Traveling Salesman

Seaside Town


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